A Happy Thought

So…I am now going to shut up about depressing life and stuff like that…and find a happy thought.

First…I bought a snazzy cute skirt with apples and pears on it. I know it sounds hideous, but it makes me happy so get over it and don’t laugh when you see me wearing it.

And…I’ve been texting my cousin lately. Cousins are pretty much happiness personified. And my cousins rock my socks. (No idea where that came from or what it means so don’t ask.)

Stupid thing is that they live out of town. Three hours out of town. But that’s depressing and I was going to write happy.

Amanda is…um…uh…I think I need my thesaurus. Because the normal “fun, amazing, and incredible” words aren’t quite working out right now. She’s like a best friend and sister all at the same time. I can’t get away with anything without teasing, but she’s good for real life seriousness kinda talks too.

The best thing about cousins are the most retarded inside jokes and lame memories that no one else understands. To demonstrate…any of these make you laugh Amanda?

… singing Christmas songs really loud at ACK Fort (when it wasn’t Christmas)

… that, um, wonderfully memorable night sleeping in the cabin

… dwarf. :)

… the time we were running around your front yard like doks playing that awesomely lame game someone got for Christoberfest, and then the boy scouts came up selling whatever they sell and looking at us like we were morons

… I can only eat margarine

… Collin’s terrorist lady voice at 3:00 in the morning

… you and Collin IMing at the same table in my coffee shop and laughing at poor Herman trying to get out of his wheel chair

… Alissa! Belch! No...not for reals…like another word for it!

… no you’re not dating or hitting on my brother. That would be…really beyond weird.

… mini cupcakes and converse

… an entire season of 24 in less than three days

So...moral of the story:

.1. Amanda is beyond amazing...I love her, and you're really a poor and deprived human being if you haven't met her. 

.2. Pink apple skirts can save the day.


. Week Three of Life .

No work on Sunday! Leaves time to take a quiz, work on a lab, and try to figure out what the heck the next chapter is even about…and take another evil four hour test. The last two tests didn’t exactly…turn out. I get all ready and open the test up only to find out that I know nothing. Can’t find any help in my book, online, or anywhere. And I have absolutely no idea where to even begin looking because I don’t know what I’m looking for.
Which brings me to a dilemma. Spend the next two weeks trying to find time that I don’t have to study, be constantly frazzled out of my wee little brain, and fail. Or quit now, have a little extra time, be less stressed, and fail. I chose to fail…the easy way.
Doctor appointment. I have pneumonia. No wonder I can’t breath when during lunch rush.
Trying to learn how things work at my café, and make sure everyone else knows how it works too. My café is my home. I should just sleep on the table in the back. It’d save on gas money. Cash and Carry is my second home…a place will become home when you visit four days in a row and can recognize all the employees. 
So…  Life happens. It happened to me. It’s beginning to stop happening. I think...

{Never mind. I take it back. Week four. Sunday night. Food poisoning.}


. Week Two of Life .

Barely over the flu.

Still failing class. No time for studying. I fall asleep in my car trying to study, and wake up only to find that in all my brilliance I left my headlights on and...now my battery's out.

We are supposed to open the cafe on Wednesday. But things get messed up and we open on Thursday.

Before opening, I have to finish the March schedule, hire one more person, try to get all my girls on the same page before things start up, go shopping with my boss, and remember 1,873,765 little things that almost don’t matter but really do matter.

Thursday comes around. Work begins. Unlock the door at 5:30 in the morning, still coughing a leftover flu cough.

Big glitch...no money in the til. No bread. We can’t open. Later in the morning we’re finally open and trying to figure out how things work. It’s not easy to give customers what they want, when you don’t know how to make it, and you have to say “excuse me” to your hovering boss every time you turn around. Craziness and insanity…to say the very least.

By Saturday night I have worked 60 hours. Coughed a lot. And slept...like...none. Thank heaven for a best friend that kept me from jumping off any bridges. :)

{life happening...week three of to follow}


. when life happens . chapter 1 .

When we say life happens…we usually mean the bad stuff. I don’t know why. But...life. It happens. And when it happens, it isn’t exactly happy.
Life happened to me.

. Week One of Life .
The flu. Three days in bed with a fever, blasting headache, the aches, and a beautiful cough.
My café is supposed to open in a week. I have an endless to do list which keeps getting bigger. Being manager isn't always as cool as it's made out to be.
My bad accounting class grades hover over my head like a cartoon storm cloud that only rains on me. 
I also live in a family. Which gets more than emotionally draining sometimes…and that’s all I’ll say.
{part two to follow: week two of life happening}