Edinburgh Scotland! 

(And side note: I worked hard to learn how to say it. It's not 'Edinberg.' It's 'Edin-burra.' It's kind of a mix 
between 'Edin-burrow' and 'Edin-burra.' Ya. It's way complicated. We all went around saying "Edinburgh. Edinburgh. Edinburgh." ...practicing.) (and sorry my pictures aren't lined up right in this post. it's driving me insano)

So about...i dunno...a few weeks ago now...Capernwray has a travel weekend. You can stay at the school if you want, but you have three days to go do whatever. You have to plan it yourself. Seven of us girls decided to go to Edinburgh. (Actually a whole lot of other students went to Edinburgh too, but we didn't travel with them...we just ran into them all over the place and had dinner with um once.) 

We stayed at a bed and breakfast called St. Conans. Jimmy made these awesomeness delicious Scottish potato scones for breakfast. So to die for. 

We walked around, shopped, wandered the Royal Mile, walked, went to Edinburgh Castle, stopped in countless tourist shops that all had woolen scarves and plaid stuff and kilts, walked, had a nice chat with William Wallace, and...walked. 

I rode a city bus for the fist time in my life...a bus pass was 3 pounds for a day.

Haggis is a Scottish delicacy. It's sheep stomach. Jess and I were the only souls brave enough to try it. And...ha! it wasn't bad! It was kind of just like a rice or kuskus texture, and tasted like sausage.We had also heard that another Scottish thing was hot chocolate with whiskey in it. So we tried that too...(don't judge me...it was yummy :P )

Bailey...being a model for Andrea, Helena, and Jess... 

                                                                                  this one's for daddy :)

Capernwray in the sunset...
apparently the farmers have this unspoken contest to see who can catch the most moles...so they hang them on their barbed wire fences
we decided to walk to a big hill behind Capernwray one night to watch the sunset. it was about a 35-40 minute walk through fields of cows, over barbed wire and gates, and through people's yards, and up hills that are ten times steeper than they look. it was so amazingly worth it. you could see the sea on one side, Capernwray Hall behind us, Carnforth, and lots of layers of hills. the cows were seriously considering stampeding us which made Bailey scream which made the boys have to go scare the cows away which looked really funny which made us all laugh.
a couple of my bestest friends here: Bailey, Jess, and Brooke
me . brooke . jess . helena . bailey . johnathan . johnathan 
jess n me...


 above: Bailey, Brooke, Amy, and Jess...all of us are "Bible reading" ha! (not)
below: Brooke, Amy and Jess...still Bible reading...
above: Sam showing Hannah and I card tricks... 
below: Bailey, Jess, and Brooke playing "chicken goggles" kinda like the hand game or zip bong
above: Becca about to throw water balloons at us 
below: Seth, Bailey, Amy, Weston, and half of Jess's face...
(these people are strange at best, and no, I do not hang out with them)


Just more Chatsworth House...cuz I have alot of pictures from it. :)


Background for you people that don't know anything: Chatsworth House was where they filmed the new version of Pride and Prejudice. We went to see it on a weekend Saturday trip.

Only sad thing about Chatsworth was that some stupid girl had kissed the bust of Mr. Darcy that is in the movie, and gotten lipstick on it. It had to be taken away for washing. 

Crazy girl. We were mad. 

Right now the Duke and Duchess live at the house. Imagine having a few hundred people come and walk around your house and backyard every day? We were allowed to walk through a third of the house, but it was about a half mile walk. And the grounds and gardens went on and on forever. There was even a maze. And plenty of statues and fountains and old famous artwork. They even had this springtime flower exhibit with the most funky imaginative flower arrangements scattered all around the house. 

The funny thing is that mixed in with all the old cool stuff is modern art. The current duke and duchess like it...for some reason that none of us could figure out. It wasn't even worthy of photography. Except for this one piece. It was a picture...not a painting or a photograph...more like an outline of a woman's face. And it changed color. It was really creepy. We stood and stared at it with really confused faces and were pretty much grossed out.

I have about five million more pictures I could put up here but it would take forever. So...Chatsworth House for ya'll!


                                                Breanna . Bailey . Me . Kristin                      Me & Elizabeth

Brooke . Zoe . Kristin . Bailey . Andrea . Kaitlyn . Avery . Elizabeth . ? . Me . Breanna

Breanna . Elizabeth . Andrea . ? . Kristin . Me
Caz n Me

Just random Chatsworth House pictures of me and my friends :)


On our way to Chatsworth House...Bailey and me in the first picture. Victoria and Elizabeth in the second.

One day Victoria and I were chatting in my room. I showed her my cute black hat and told her it was one of those things I liked but could never quite bring myself to wear it. She said she believed that if we like it we should just wear it.

So I did.

And later she told me I looked pretty in it...I love her.

Elizabeth is a funny story. She's actually Bailey's neighbor. I used to work at a coffee shop in her town. And I'd never met her until now. Fancy that! Neighbors meet in England!

And you have to notice that they're driving on the wrong side of the road on the motorway. (It's a motorway not a freeway.) It's way harder to get used to that than you'd think. I sat in the front seat of a little car on the way to Carnforth one day and seeing the cars coming from the wrong side of the road gives your brain a weirdness and you think you're going to get hit. Doesn't help that the roads are teeny either.

Electric fences and wooden post fences are something of a novelty here. Haven't seen one. Ever. It's all stone walls and hedges. And there's seriously sheep everywhere. Some of the students here can't believe that we don't have sheep all over at home. They wonder what we do have...cows...I guess.

At home it's always..."oh hey look! a sheep!" But over here it's..."oh my gosh it's a cow!"


Bailey, Jess, and I were out one day taking a walk right before lectures...we cut it too close and had to run the last little bit to be on time. We had our cameras with us, and my friend Helena was looking at mine, and then started snapping pictures. Something I'm kinda shy about.

1. Lecure Hall
2. Me. :) At my desk right in front of Helena
3. Anna Maria (who's coming back from a missions trip in Kenya today), and Victoria (who's awesome and has been so encouraging to me...from Germany)
4. Jenna! I don't know her super well, but she's alot of fun.

Oh oh...and in the fist picture at the very front of the stage there's that guy in blue...that's Eis. And at this point you can bow down to your computer screen...cuz Eis is awesome. :P