24...and other matters

So first you have to realize what a big deal it is to even see the cousins. Since they live about 3 hours south it's cool enough to be able to spend a day with them...which we did. Father's day included ginormous hot dogs from Papa's grill, Collin's ipod touch (it's not an iphone people), Dutch Blitz, golf tournaments on tv (lol!), silly you tube videos, and moments of nothing but hanging with the cousins. So what could make a day like that even better? Well...nothing really. Nothing but the knowledge that one of said cousins gets to come and spend 3 days with us! Alissa and Mia went back home with Aunt Brenda & Uncle Jack and got to spend 3 days with Emily and Thomas. Amanda took their place and spent the 3 days with us! This is officially known as the "Operation Cousin Swap."

Amanda and I partook of much needed coffee
We love converse!Mini cupcakes
And of course...24...we watched an entire season in 3 days! Complete insanity! We stayed up til 5 o'clock in the morning one night watching. Collin and Amanda were determined to do an all nighter but the mother over ruled that adventure. And just for the record, the Thomas family has now successfully recruited one 24 addict.
Amanda's socks never matched. I thought that was way too cute. Someday I'm going to wear odd socks too.
Us. Tired yet determined to finish the season!

Dutch Blitz on Father's Day...Uncle Jack can make any game fun!

Emily . Alissa . Amanda
Collin's ipod touch was quite the thing...he had everyone hooked on the "moron test." Ya it's stupid, but it entertained and generated some laughs!


Look What I've Got!

I can't believe how big she looks compaired to the last pictures I got! And does that little pink and and orange dress look familiar? :) 39 days until I see her!