. Week Three of Life .

No work on Sunday! Leaves time to take a quiz, work on a lab, and try to figure out what the heck the next chapter is even about…and take another evil four hour test. The last two tests didn’t exactly…turn out. I get all ready and open the test up only to find out that I know nothing. Can’t find any help in my book, online, or anywhere. And I have absolutely no idea where to even begin looking because I don’t know what I’m looking for.
Which brings me to a dilemma. Spend the next two weeks trying to find time that I don’t have to study, be constantly frazzled out of my wee little brain, and fail. Or quit now, have a little extra time, be less stressed, and fail. I chose to fail…the easy way.
Doctor appointment. I have pneumonia. No wonder I can’t breath when during lunch rush.
Trying to learn how things work at my café, and make sure everyone else knows how it works too. My café is my home. I should just sleep on the table in the back. It’d save on gas money. Cash and Carry is my second home…a place will become home when you visit four days in a row and can recognize all the employees. 
So…  Life happens. It happened to me. It’s beginning to stop happening. I think...

{Never mind. I take it back. Week four. Sunday night. Food poisoning.}


Annie said...

My poor, sweet friend. Still praying for you and hoping that God's hand of grace will be on you now to give you a healthy, restful week after all you've gone through this past month.

If it will encourage you at all, I have to tell you that your new cafe is GORGEOUS!! I love the cute colors in your photos and I know the cute "Miss Manager" working there brightens the whole place up. :) Hope that I can come see you in your new digs before too long!

Love you, Kaish!!

Peter Rust said...


And here I was hanging on the hope that week 3 -- or at *least* week 4 -- would bring refreshment.

Praying for you from Houston...

Through the Sea Glass said...

Keep on truckin love...You can do it! (Ps - don't know who your bff is - but good for her for being there for you!)

Abbie said...

You poor dear!!!! ;(