"I don't want to get to filled up before 12."

No, that is not some extremely reasonable grown-up talking. That was my six year old sister. Get that! I was chowing down on the cookie dough, and she wouldn't even finish licking the mixer because, "I don't want to spoil my lunch." Well...have it your way I suppose! We still had fun making the cookies.



My mom is having a fun contest over on her blog, and wants everyone to participate! Chocolate and Starbucks are involved! :)


Snow...and...well me being graceful...

So...in honor of the lovely falling snow outside, I thought I would share this very becoming video of me, tobogganing ever so gracefully down the hill on Mt. Baker.


What does one blog about????

So...what do you blog about when there's too many options but none come to mind? I dunno...I suppose this is where randomness takes hold, and scariness happens. In that case: chai tea lattes are the best, chai tea lattes with soy is also good even though soy isn't my favorite. I wish my coffee shop would order green mugs for me. I've heard rumors of more snow...not sure whether that's happy or sad. I'm deciding happy. Ford Rangers are adorable. Ania's bob is cute. (That's a short hair-do you guys.) I need to wear my Aero hat more often. What on earth do you wear in China when it's really hot? The mirror in my room needs hanging. My homework needs getting done. Do I compare portraits or landscapes? Such decisions! And you know...this really isn't going well. So maybe I should just shut up. :)
*gasp* I found something intelligent to tell you! I'm enrolled in the Institute for Children's Literature! It's a correspondence school. You have ten assignments that you have to finish in two years time. You get a personal instructor who mentors you. And I know what you're thinking there's no way I'll ever make it through...I'll admit, it makes me nervous sometimes.

Here's some random pictures from the snow days:


Even More Pictures!

Can you all tell that I'm slightly obsessed? :) I sent her this dress in November and just got these pictures!



Yay! I finally got the pictures of Tiffany in the sweater I sent her for Christmas! I sent her that cute little red monkey too. Made my day! And here's some more pictures that PHF added to their online albums. (Don't ask me who the guy is...I think he was with Toys for Tots. He's the latest on my mom's list of eligible guys. I just say he's awfully lucky to get to be in China with my baby.)

Brownie the Bear

Here is a true guest post...by my 6 year old sister Mia. Complete with original spelling and punctuation!
This is no ordinary bear this is a really the best bear in the world. He lives in the circus. The most ferocious bear in the whole world exclaimed the manager. This is the meanest bear in the world. Hmm... Kay-eye- ess - ess - eye- en- gee. Pop you silly we only have pop I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shouted one voice to two voices I know it said the manager of the circus. I knew they would do that said sleepy little Pinky from the stork that Hannah got Pinky from. The storks bag and the stork ' s name was: Willie The Hairy One! Because Willie was hairy! He loves other generations of the little kids he takes to the elephants. I love them he would say. I like the things that little kids like he used to say! Aw! Bitty little Willie The Hairy One the other storks said. I don ’t like you guys you are the most hideous things ever saw! You Willie are so weird the other storks said. I don 't think you are so good Kristine either said Willie. And so on the fight would go on. THIS IS MY CIRCUS!!!! Yelled the circus manager . I love that to high heaven! Said one kid named Richard Bows. This Brownie The Bear is so powerful it can hurt any guy that goes past it. I DON ' T CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!!! said voice. It was the manager of the circus again... I think your ' e ridiculous you should have water bottles filled with water!!!! Said another voice. Huh said the crowd the little families. I should have the circus going to there cars by now I kno it but the circus went on by and by the circus ended and the famillys loved the funny talk about the water the most. The most fantastic was Brownie & Willie!!


Guest Post

Last weekend was spent with some fine friends, including a certain charming Mr. Oswald Sinclaire. He asked permission to share about the weekend in his own words on my blog. I consented.

For most people, a good day involves lounging about, munching bonbons, and usually involves a minimum of work. For me, a good day must, by nature, include solving an unsolveable mystery. Last Sunday I had the extreme pleasure of doing such a thing. Early that morning I donned my habitual garb, and headed into the world in search of a place where I was needed. Not many parts of this fine world are able to survive long without me, so my search waas not long in being fulfilled. I came upon an old soul in an extreme condition. Two biker dudettes had hijacked her car, stolen her starbucks coffee, and left her exposed to the frigid winds.

The situation was easily remedied. My formidable figure frightened them, and not wanting to resist my commands the starbucks drinks were immediately handed over.

Such ruffians as these are dangerous and must be carefully, but roughly handled. I promptly took them by the ears and hauled them off to the rehabilitation center for Starbucks addicts.
The therapy involved three bags of chips, sharing pictures and checking e-mail, and all 4 episodes of Wives and Daughters, and when a full recovery had taken place, a trip to Starbucks was allowed.
P.S. I acted as counselor to the ruffians, therefore it was necessary to disguise myself in the pink hoodie so as not to excite unkind feelings against me.