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i told my mom earlier that i would blog. so...i thought i'd share my desktop background with ya'll. these peoples are my interactive group. i mean they were. while school was happening. and you know...who says they can't still be my interactive group?

interactive groups are made up of the people that live in your area. so some are basically my neighbors. we had to get together once a week on mondays. we each had to have a turn "leading" the conversation. we had an awesome time playing games...apples to apples, two truths n a lie... and talking about ourselves, our lives, our struggles, and nothing in particular. we were really good at getting off topic. everyone was open and we had alot of laughs.

the last day we all brought food. piled it on two desks and ate. haha! it was epic.

so...three cheers for some of my favorite people!


Our bed n breakfast room
 my first city bus ride...how ironic is that?

haggis...the brown stuff

First thing we do in Edinburgh? McDonalds...cuz it's the "taste of America." Am I the only one that finds that sad?

Alli . Jess . Amy . Bailey

On the North Bridge trying to figure out the bus

Helena . Bailey . Amy

Our Bed n Breakfast

this one's for Hans <3

My friend Alli...she's on staff here and everyone thinks we are sisters...????