. Week Two of Life .

Barely over the flu.

Still failing class. No time for studying. I fall asleep in my car trying to study, and wake up only to find that in all my brilliance I left my headlights on and...now my battery's out.

We are supposed to open the cafe on Wednesday. But things get messed up and we open on Thursday.

Before opening, I have to finish the March schedule, hire one more person, try to get all my girls on the same page before things start up, go shopping with my boss, and remember 1,873,765 little things that almost don’t matter but really do matter.

Thursday comes around. Work begins. Unlock the door at 5:30 in the morning, still coughing a leftover flu cough.

Big glitch...no money in the til. No bread. We can’t open. Later in the morning we’re finally open and trying to figure out how things work. It’s not easy to give customers what they want, when you don’t know how to make it, and you have to say “excuse me” to your hovering boss every time you turn around. Craziness and insanity…to say the very least.

By Saturday night I have worked 60 hours. Coughed a lot. And slept...like...none. Thank heaven for a best friend that kept me from jumping off any bridges. :)

{life happening...week three of to follow}


Annie said...

Oh my goodness..it just gets worse and worse! :(

Sending more *remote hugs* your way... <3 <3

Historian Anne said...

Well well, you poor dear. Ah may the Lord strengthen you now! "My heart and my flesh may fail, but God is my portion forever."

Abbie said...

Kaisha...that's just awful. No wonder you took a few days to reply to my text. =) Wow, girl. I hope you can get rested up over spring break. I need to see you, it's been too long. Hang in there. Love you!!