Last night I was reading along in one of my new favorite books Brisingr by Christopher Paolini. The story was gripping and I couldn't stop reading. I read way too late last night, but it was worth it. In books like this, I don't usually expect to come across an idea or thought that unknowingly expresses something beautiful, but this quote made me pause in the middle of thrilling tale and wonder at what I have in Christ.
"To know that you were with one who cared for you, and who understood every fiber of your being, and would not abandon you in even the most desperate circumstances, that was the most precious relationship a person could have."


Can you believe...

I get to see this in person in less than 3 months!

Click on the photo to view it bigger...it's way cuter. :)



I was walking along...
...and then i fell.
I bet you can't do that.


Look! She has bangs!

Awwww...aren't they cute?


The Love of God

I came across this Lewis quote. I don't understand the whole thing, but it's a good reminder of what God's love for us looks like: not passive and fleeting like our own; but strong and eternal because He Himself is love. Sometimes at Easter I feel guilty that I don't understand the depth of what we're celebrating. But in the end, Jesus loves me. And if by faith in God's grace, I can hang onto the limited understanding I have of that phrase, then...well only God knows what then!
"A mistake is easily made because we (correctly) deny that God has passions; and with us a love that is not passionate means a love that is something less. But the reason why God has no passions is that passions imply passivity and intermission. The passion of love is something that happens to us, as 'getting wet' happens to a body: and God is exempt from that 'passion' in the same way that water is exempt from "getting wet." He cannot be affected with love, because He is love. To imagine that love is something less torrential or less sharp than our own temporary and derivative "passions" is a most disastrous fantasy." ~C.S. Lewis Miracles


When You Miss Your Brother

When you only have one brother...and he leaves for 10 days...and you miss him...but don't want to admit it...you take a picture with your cell phone...and send it to him via text...