. when life happens . chapter 1 .

When we say life happens…we usually mean the bad stuff. I don’t know why. But...life. It happens. And when it happens, it isn’t exactly happy.
Life happened to me.

. Week One of Life .
The flu. Three days in bed with a fever, blasting headache, the aches, and a beautiful cough.
My café is supposed to open in a week. I have an endless to do list which keeps getting bigger. Being manager isn't always as cool as it's made out to be.
My bad accounting class grades hover over my head like a cartoon storm cloud that only rains on me. 
I also live in a family. Which gets more than emotionally draining sometimes…and that’s all I’ll say.
{part two to follow: week two of life happening}


Brenda said...

so sorry that life is happening. Keep your head up (well, except for when you are throwing up). It will get better. Sometimes you need to bad to motivate and make you interested in getting to the good!

Hope you are feeling better soon!

Caleb Scansen said...

I am sorry life had to happen to you! You really didn't need that right now! You're a trooper and you're gonna make it! :)

tara said...

Hang in there Kaisha! Rest when you can...these things will pass and you'll be on your way again! You are awesome!

Annie said...

Poor Kaisha...hopefully week two or three or whatever week of life you're in right now is better than that one!
Hugs, friend!

Through the Sea Glass said...

So sorry to hear about that sweetie! AH thats hard! Think of what an accomplishment you have at what 19? How old are you? Anyway - I think it's great but I hope you feel better!!! I Want that espresso machine thats in your picture!!