I just can't handle it anymore. I'm in love with this coffee shop. It's like all yellow and orange and they always latte art my foam all up in the mug. And cool people always come in here. And the happy music. And I always get this awesome creative thing happening in me that doesn't normally happen at other places. I just can't let it take over because homework is sort of more important...however attractive that sharpie and blank lined paper are to my random thoughts.

My hair is dumb today. Don't tell Cody I said that...he'll give me that 'what's-your-issue-you're gorgeous' look and tell me I'm wrong.

School is almost over. I'm supposed to be taking this test for an online HIV healthcare provider class thingy. But I'm in this coffee shop for the third time this week and it's becoming impossible to squish the need to blabber randomness...this place makes me do that.

We went on a hike the other day. Cody and me and our friends Rudy and Janel. We saw a bear and ate marmalade sandwiches and then a stick stabbed me. Adventures aren't complete without blood.
See the bear? It's there...really.

I'm going to stop now and repost my craigslist ads and look for a job and do that test. 

Cheerio. (We really need to start genuinely saying charming stuff like that in America.)

He picked me daisies...go ahead...be jealous.