A Happy Thought

So…I am now going to shut up about depressing life and stuff like that…and find a happy thought.

First…I bought a snazzy cute skirt with apples and pears on it. I know it sounds hideous, but it makes me happy so get over it and don’t laugh when you see me wearing it.

And…I’ve been texting my cousin lately. Cousins are pretty much happiness personified. And my cousins rock my socks. (No idea where that came from or what it means so don’t ask.)

Stupid thing is that they live out of town. Three hours out of town. But that’s depressing and I was going to write happy.

Amanda is…um…uh…I think I need my thesaurus. Because the normal “fun, amazing, and incredible” words aren’t quite working out right now. She’s like a best friend and sister all at the same time. I can’t get away with anything without teasing, but she’s good for real life seriousness kinda talks too.

The best thing about cousins are the most retarded inside jokes and lame memories that no one else understands. To demonstrate…any of these make you laugh Amanda?

… singing Christmas songs really loud at ACK Fort (when it wasn’t Christmas)

… that, um, wonderfully memorable night sleeping in the cabin

… dwarf. :)

… the time we were running around your front yard like doks playing that awesomely lame game someone got for Christoberfest, and then the boy scouts came up selling whatever they sell and looking at us like we were morons

… I can only eat margarine

… Collin’s terrorist lady voice at 3:00 in the morning

… you and Collin IMing at the same table in my coffee shop and laughing at poor Herman trying to get out of his wheel chair

… Alissa! Belch! No...not for reals…like another word for it!

… no you’re not dating or hitting on my brother. That would be…really beyond weird.

… mini cupcakes and converse

… an entire season of 24 in less than three days

So...moral of the story:

.1. Amanda is beyond amazing...I love her, and you're really a poor and deprived human being if you haven't met her. 

.2. Pink apple skirts can save the day.


Abbie said...

Finally a happy thought!!!! Yay! =)

Cousins ARE the best!!

Amanda said...

KAISHA!!!!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! THAT WAS AMAZING! Wow... I am speachless, this just made my day!

Caleb Scansen said...

I suppose I am a depressed and deprived human being :( lol

Cousins do rock. :) - Glad "life" is finally "shaping up" for you!!

Amanda said...

Yes Caleb..... extremley depressed and deprived person. I dont know how you get through life without knowing me. :)

Annie said...

I don't know Amanda either! Gosh, what makes you continue to hang around with such poor, deprived people, Kaish? :)

Can't wait to see your new skirt sometime. If it made you happy after four weeks of sickness and stresses, then it must be pretty cute!

Through the Sea Glass said...

I must see a picture of you in this darling skirt! Your cousin must be amazing, I have a cousin that makes everything amazing just like Amanda! Blessed we are. Haha - I have said "You rock my stinkin socks off" for 4 years now? Just a silly way of telling people how cool they are!