Green...a little late

Because I'm really bad at actually getting around to the blogging after I take the pictures...you all get a late St. Patty's day post. The Saturday before, my sister Alissa, me and a few friends joined in the St. Patrick's Day 2 mile run: Runnin' O'er the Green. Of course, it's impossible to do something for St. Patty's and not dress up! So...Green top hats, green antennae boingers, green capes, green t-shirts, green necklaces, green earrings, and green socks adorned our little group. We were pretty popular with everyone! :) Jeffrey . Andrew . Me . Abbie . Alissa . Tyler

Tyler definately won the best costume award!

Alissa getting adorable leprachon freckles from Abbie.


The Things That'll Make You Laugh

It's scary really...the things that'll make you laugh. My brother sent me this video that he took with his cell on his way to Montana with some friends. He called it "noodles." Don't ask me why I think it's funny. It's probably cuz I'm tired, but I really should have a better explanation than that! :o)


A Quiet and Peaceful Dinner in My Home

It began like a normal meal. One kid was late, we had to drag a chair out of Collin's room, and Ania talked during the prayer. Everyone buckled down to scarf the food while Mom and Dad talked about his day at work. Then it happened. I don't even remember how it started. Daddy splashed a little water from a cup at Mommy. Before we all knew it it was a food fight...between the grownups. Mommy dumped an entire cup of water over Daddy's front. This picture is the sole proof that dinner wasn't normal that night. Collin managed to capture Daddy threatening Mommy with two cups of water!



...will often find me tri-folding and stuffing two hundred ninety of these bulletins. Nothin' like a brainless job for Friday afternoon!


A Homework Date

I had a bunch of studying to do the other day, and thought of heading out to the coffee shop for caffeine and wifi. (The poor little Sprint card just doesn't always cut it.) Mia tagged along and worked on math, reading, webkinz, chatting with Bailey (who was working), and made short order of her hot chocolate and shortbread cookie while I studied.


It Takes Five

To make the noodles...



Typical Ani Smile...
Typical Ani face...
Typical Ani Hair...