To write. Without bounds. *sigh* This feels good. To put whatever I feel like on paper.

There's a friend talking with a guy about Haiti and orphans a couple tables over. He'll probably save the world some day. There's a guy I see everywhere sitting two tables a across. I know some of his story but he doesn't know me. Two girls talk...in an unannoying way, thankfully. Cuz girls can be so annoying. A girl with cute bangs and a chunky blue eyed baby talks to her date. I hope he goes for her. She seems sweet and with a baby she'll probably have a harder time finding a man. And who wouldn't want to be this baby's daddy? There's a bookshelf with old books and a yellow daisy on it. A barista works in the other room.

My chai is gone. It was good. Obviously.

Me. I'm here too. I'm trying to write a story without getting distracted by facebook and e-mail and blogs and such. It's hard. Especially because I'm stuck with the story. It's a good story. With a good end. And I'm at the end but I can't figure out how to give it the bang impact that I want it to have. It  kind of ends with a bla instead of a kaboom. I feel like I've worked this thing to death.

And I'm hungry. Should I go buy something? I think I should. Maybe an americano too. That's kind of alot of money to spend on writing a story that's not getting written.

I had an interview today. With a coffee stand. They're not open
yet. All the better. There won't be a snippy group of girls that won't accept me into their elite coffee makers clique. I'm sick of coming into a new job only to find that. And the boss wants to hire happy people. It sounds weird. But I get it. It's all the way out far in the county, but if they offer I'll take it. *fingers crossed*

There's weird pictures on the wall in here. They have eyeballs and mouths and teeth but no real shape at all. It's kind of creepy.

The girl across from me is making a great laughing face. It's cute. I kind of wish she was my friend.

Now I'm going to write this story. I can do this. Right? Right.

Um.....ya. I'm not convinced.

But I have to try. It was due on the second. Oops.


This week I had a three year old laugh at me when I told her that God is my friend. Right. She laughed.

Her name's Margaret, she's three, and I'm her nanny. We color with the fairy dog, build forts, run from monsters, discuss what it means to be a big girl, have chicken parties, pretend to be mermaids, eat noodles, and do pretty much everything else together. The one thing we haven't talked about is God. I don't know if her parents would be very happy with me if I tried to indoctrinate the child. But I did bring it up the other day on our way home from preschool.

We were commenting on the wind and rain. And I asked her if she thought someone made it windy and rainy or if it just did that by itself.

"I think...someone makes it that way."

"Well whoever makes it this windy must be pretty big because this is a pretty big wind."

"It's probly blowing the wind really strongly with big breaths" (Here we have a demonstration on how to make wind by blowing.)

"Do you think God makes it windy and rainy?"


"God. Do you think God does it?"

"What did you say? Did you say God?"


"How do you know Him?" (She sounded completely unbelieving that I could know God.)

"Uh...He's kind of like my friend."

*giggles* "God's not your friend!"

"Ya He is! He's like my friend and my daddy..." (How do you explain it in short to a three year old?)

"Well He lives way up in the sky."

"Ya but he also lives in my heart."

"I have a song about that...."

And here she started singing some song about family being in your heart or something.

So ya. I got laughed at by a three year old for saying that God is my friend. And she probably won't ever remember that conversation. But I will...And maybe somehow it'll put something in her heart that will bring her to Jesus later.

Here I was going to post a cell phone picture of Margaret and I, but my phone has lost itself.

So instead you get this extremely attractive picture of Me, Allie, and Wiebke on a late night in the castle. Actually...I'm leaving Starbucks in like two minutes to go to Canada to visit Allie. Oh happy days!


And so what do you write when you need to write something, but nothing in particular comes to mind. But it's not because you're brain or heart is empty. Just the opposite.

So...life goes on. I write some. I work some. I babysit some. I drive around. And sing to the radio. I hug my little sisters and research dental assisting. I wonder if I have enough money for that road trip and a quarter of school. Probly not. But we'll see if I can make it happen. I talk to friends. There would be no surviving the world without them. I knit sometimes. I wear my TOMS even though they're pretty gross by now. 

And that's pretty much all.