I was looking at PHF blogs today and came across this...
Made me cry...


She Can Walk!!!

I got a fun surprise in my inbox yesterday! A couple new pictures and an update on Tiffany! She learned to walk! Here's the update they sent me:
Upon entering Samaritan’s House, you will probably find 4 yearold Tiffany singing or listening to music. She loves anythingthat makes sound and she tends to like to make lots of noiseherself. She continues to be a happy little girl who loves to beheld by anyone. Tiffany is a very fragile child, who despite herserious heart condition, is doing well and has even learned towalk in the past few months. She was seen at Huaxin hospitalon September 2 for a final heart evaluation to see if we coulddo anything to help her heart condition. Unfortunately herpulmonary root is very small which makes any surgery impossible for her. She continues to live with an inoperable heartcondition. We continue to take comfort in knowing that herlife is in God’s hands and she will continue to get the best carepossible and as much love as we can give her at PHF. God is incontrol of this precious and fragile little girls life. Please praywith us for complete healing on her little body.


Writing...for reals

About a month ago my books, notebook, and first assignment arrived in the mail from the institute of Children's Literature! Yay! I got a letter from my personal instructor who will mentor me through the entire course. I get to write her, and she will cater to my needs and goals for writing. I'm supposed to send her my assignments, and she will critique then mail them back. They say that by the end of the course I will have at least one work published. Weird! I can't believe I'm actually going to be working on real stories that might actually get read! I've really enjoyed the first assignment. First, I'm supposed to write a letter about myself to my instructor. Just an introduction so that she can get to know me. The second part of the assignment is designed so that you don't get stuck on what to write about. Three pictures are included in the notebook. I choose one and base a story off of it. I can deviate as much as I want from the picture or stick as closely as I want to it. It's basically just something to get you thinking right away. I chose the middle age group illustration. It's a simple picture of a barnyard with stormy clouds looming in the background. A man stands in the barn door, and two children and a couple animals run toward him. My story's almost done, I just need to finish it up and get it sent off by next week when the assignment is due! We'll see how it turns out!


Jumping Pictures

"Ok...Here we go."

"Hurry, hurry, get over here!"

"Ok...ready? On blink 3 we jump."

"Right on blink 3, or right after?"
"Right...Oh here it goes!"
"One, Two, THREE!"
"Did it work?"
"Yep I think it did!"
"Oh no! You didn't jump soon enough!"
"Look at what your coat did!"
"Awww...I should have tucked my legs under instead of doing them straight!"
"Ya...Ok...Next time we should jump on 4, ok."
"And it looks cooler if you tuck your legs."
"You guys go over there I'll get this going again."
........and we try again, and again, and again.......
We finally got some pretty good ones in the end though!

With Abbie and Jillian at the outlet mall.



My dear friend Kelsey tagged me in this 4x4 game. I had to go to my pictures, choose the fourth folder, the fourth picture, and blog about it. This is my fourth picture. Pretty huh? These are the painstakingly shined pieces to my dad's motorcycle that he's fixing up. Everyone ooh and ahhh at the shininess! If you're around my house for very long, you're probably going to be asked to come and see his motorcycle. He's finally finished taking apart and shining the pices, and has started putting it back together!
Ok...the last part of the game is to tag 4 other people: therefore...I tag... My mom, Marie, Nicole, and...um...who else hasn't been tagged? Um...Tara!