...1, 2 and 3 are my room. To get to my room...you go up all the stairs in picture 4. Through a door, down the stairs in the 5th picture, and my door is the first on the right. 

And the last one is a fail of a self portrait of me and my roomies...we'll get a better one someday. It goes...Doro, Me, Hannah, Deborah.

Hannah and I discovered we are kindred spirits of a sort. We have formed a literary society in the hallway after lock up. And you don't even want to know what we found ourselves doing last night at 1:30 am. Let's just say we found ourselves rolling on the floor speechless with giggles...and seriously wondering what had gone wrong with ourselves. 

Sorry I haven't blogged or done anything internetish for a super long time. The internet really was down for a few days. :p blah.

But I am alive...

And have only about three million and two pictures. I've been on short excersions to Lancaster and Carnforth. Heard about 21 lectures this week. Seen the "marriage board" stolen. Walked to the ruins after evening lectures. Cut my "fringe"...aka bangs. Manned a table tennis station during police day. Run up and down many circular castle steps. Sat in the hallway after lockup and chatted with my roomies. Slept over in my adopted roomies' bedroom. Hugged a radiator cuz it's freezing here. Climbed over alot of fences. Scared alot of sheep. Am learning to say "one john" and not "first john." It's not dinner, it's tea...except I always drink coffee instead. 

And now I better publish this because the internet is gonna turn off at 10.


abigail said...

So fun to get more glimpses of your life over there!!!

Brenda said...

great pics Kash. Keep it up. I bet time is zipping by quickly for you.

Kristine said...

Love the picture of your door. And your room pictures are fun to see! And your text is really fun to read. Soooooo glad you are happy there!