Bailey, Jess, and I were out one day taking a walk right before lectures...we cut it too close and had to run the last little bit to be on time. We had our cameras with us, and my friend Helena was looking at mine, and then started snapping pictures. Something I'm kinda shy about.

1. Lecure Hall
2. Me. :) At my desk right in front of Helena
3. Anna Maria (who's coming back from a missions trip in Kenya today), and Victoria (who's awesome and has been so encouraging to me...from Germany)
4. Jenna! I don't know her super well, but she's alot of fun.

Oh oh...and in the fist picture at the very front of the stage there's that guy in blue...that's Eis. And at this point you can bow down to your computer screen...cuz Eis is awesome. :P


Annie said...

I bow down to the picture of you...THAT is total-awesome cuteness! :)

Lydia Lee said...

Ohhhh my word. You're right. Eis is AMAZING!!! :]

I love the pictures and the stories, Kaisha ... thank you so much for sharing!!!

Kristine said...

Guess what? (This has nothing to do with your post, although I loved it!) I was getting something ready to mail to you but I couldn't fit it in the envelope I had. So, I took it out of its original envelope. It is your story back from your teacher person. I couldn't resist but to read her comments! (Basically, that's a public confession to opening your mail.) I was so excited about the nice things she said about your story (such as "charming") that I decided to keep it another day so I can read the story. AND ... at the top of the story were the words "Ready to submit"!!! I am so excited. You have a story ready to submit for publishing. How cool is that????

. me . said...

oh my gosh! really? really? that's SWEET! that story just about killed me so it'd pretty darn better be! :P You can read my mail...i don't care. :)