My roomie...Dorothee from Germany. Me. Bailey. On a walk around the Capernwray property. I think I'm going to go read by that big tree in the background right now...I think.

Eis van Dijk. One of the guest lectureres this week. Amazing. Really. I love him. He's so fun to listen too, and he's so clear, and has described and explained perfectly, things that I've only recently learned. I almost cried after his first lecture. He's been lecturing on Galations. Here's some stuff he's talked about:

Walking by faith works like this:
TRUTH (what God says) produces BELIEF in us, which becomes BEHAVIOR, which then produces EMOTIONS. 

Walking by sight is backwards. Like this:
TRUTH produces EMOTIONS, which produce BEHAVIOR, which we then analyze to decide what it is we BELIEVE. 

Here's some more stuff from my notes:

"Do I think of myself as a sinner? If I'm walking by sight then I do. God doesn't see me as a sinner. If I see myself as a sinner, I will believe as a sinner. I am saved though...If I believe truth about what God says about me, then I will behave according to the truth. I'm saved."

The gospel isn't..."Jesus died for my sins and saved me." That's just the first part.
It's... Jesus died for my sins and cleansed me. Then he filled me with himself. Then he sealed me with the Holy Spirit. That's the gospel. 

Hm. That's random. And I don't know if it makes sense. But whatever. It's a blog post so it will make you all happy. :)


abigail said...

I LOVE THE PICTURE! I'm completely out of time to read your blog post, I'm late already, but CUTE PICTURE! And I'm sure the post rocks. Love ya.

Annie said...

That is SUCH awesome stuff, Kaish! You are seriously tempting me to go to Bible School myself sometime...would be amazing to just sit under good teaching like that ALL day!

Brenda said...

Kaish, I love this. In the walking by sight part, you can add something about making fear-based decisions... it's never a good way to operate!

Through the Sea Glass said...

What wonderful notes! Did you end up reading by the tree? Reminds me of Sense and Sensibility. :)

Kristine said...

thanks for the cute picture! I love the tone of your posts. all happy and eAger and excited. miss you a lot but totally think you are in A great place! I am posting this on Collins iPod. thus all the mistakes.

Kristine said...

Dang! Still no internet working? I'm in San Francisco checking your blog. Miss you. Love you.

Abbie said...

Finally came back to read the post. Love this:

"TRUTH (what God says) produces BELIEF in us, which becomes BEHAVIOR, which then produces EMOTIONS."

Your guest lecturer sounds really good!

tara said...

I love this Kaisha! I have been thinking a lot lately about how God views me, (like you pointed out...) and it is so refreshing to know that He sees me through the lens of His Son, who DIED for my sin. Period. I no longer have to live afraid to come to my Father...He accepts me like He accepts His own Son. There is nothing I need to DO to get His love anymore!! He just loves me. Even when I have a really bad day...He sees me not for those things, instead He lavishes His love on me. He died for me when I was His enemy, so how much more does He love me now that I am His!!! So...I don't have to beat myself up, but I can rest in His love. So I will. I am freed from the burden! (I should have just written my own blog post piggy backing off of yours, huh? I guess I got a little excited!! Excited with you!!)

Keep having fun and living in the love of our Savior!!

I am so glad you are loving your time over there! Miss you...