On our way to Chatsworth House...Bailey and me in the first picture. Victoria and Elizabeth in the second.

One day Victoria and I were chatting in my room. I showed her my cute black hat and told her it was one of those things I liked but could never quite bring myself to wear it. She said she believed that if we like it we should just wear it.

So I did.

And later she told me I looked pretty in it...I love her.

Elizabeth is a funny story. She's actually Bailey's neighbor. I used to work at a coffee shop in her town. And I'd never met her until now. Fancy that! Neighbors meet in England!

And you have to notice that they're driving on the wrong side of the road on the motorway. (It's a motorway not a freeway.) It's way harder to get used to that than you'd think. I sat in the front seat of a little car on the way to Carnforth one day and seeing the cars coming from the wrong side of the road gives your brain a weirdness and you think you're going to get hit. Doesn't help that the roads are teeny either.

Electric fences and wooden post fences are something of a novelty here. Haven't seen one. Ever. It's all stone walls and hedges. And there's seriously sheep everywhere. Some of the students here can't believe that we don't have sheep all over at home. They wonder what we do have...cows...I guess.

At home it's always..."oh hey look! a sheep!" But over here it's..."oh my gosh it's a cow!"


Jennie said...

LOVE reading your updates, Kaish!! God Bless you!

Kristine said...

Ok. So, I like Victoria. If Dylan hadn't recently put the sweetest comment on my fb wall, then Victoria would be my Favorite Person right now. If you like it, you should wear it. I love that. I saw this jacket thing in a magazine from Coldwater Creek. Found online. Thought about it. Loved it. Thought about it. Couldn't find it online again. Drove an hour south to the Coldwater Creek store, knowing that they might not even have it at the outlet store. Couldn't find it at the store. Was just about to leave and decided to ask the lady. She looked online. Then, "Oooh ...". She found it. I try it on. It's not exactly what I thought. Its a bit of fashion risk. Couldn't decide. Loved it anyway. BOUGHT it!! So, know that I'm with you on the black hat (not to mention the red pear skirt, although, still not sure about the crocs). You look adorable in it. So cute that people must think you might be my daughter! Ha!

Annie said...

The photo of you and Bailey is sooooo cute! I might even have to print a copy for a frame in my room! :)

I totally agree with Victoria...your black hat is 100% adorable on you.

And Kristine...fyi crocs are totally awesome. I have like three pairs at home and LOVE them! ;)

Through the Sea Glass said...

Ahh fun! So happy for you guys..:)

. me . said...

crocs are awesome just cuz they're o comfy. you have to wear um for a few minutes and walk around in um and stuff before you realize it though. :)

a thomas said...

crocs are the best. i found brown ones at labels and bought 'em.

. me . said...

what the heck? i found brown ones at goodwill and bought um. ha!