Edinburgh Scotland! 

(And side note: I worked hard to learn how to say it. It's not 'Edinberg.' It's 'Edin-burra.' It's kind of a mix 
between 'Edin-burrow' and 'Edin-burra.' Ya. It's way complicated. We all went around saying "Edinburgh. Edinburgh. Edinburgh." ...practicing.) (and sorry my pictures aren't lined up right in this post. it's driving me insano)

So about...i dunno...a few weeks ago now...Capernwray has a travel weekend. You can stay at the school if you want, but you have three days to go do whatever. You have to plan it yourself. Seven of us girls decided to go to Edinburgh. (Actually a whole lot of other students went to Edinburgh too, but we didn't travel with them...we just ran into them all over the place and had dinner with um once.) 

We stayed at a bed and breakfast called St. Conans. Jimmy made these awesomeness delicious Scottish potato scones for breakfast. So to die for. 

We walked around, shopped, wandered the Royal Mile, walked, went to Edinburgh Castle, stopped in countless tourist shops that all had woolen scarves and plaid stuff and kilts, walked, had a nice chat with William Wallace, and...walked. 

I rode a city bus for the fist time in my life...a bus pass was 3 pounds for a day.

Haggis is a Scottish delicacy. It's sheep stomach. Jess and I were the only souls brave enough to try it. And...ha! it wasn't bad! It was kind of just like a rice or kuskus texture, and tasted like sausage.We had also heard that another Scottish thing was hot chocolate with whiskey in it. So we tried that too...(don't judge me...it was yummy :P )

Bailey...being a model for Andrea, Helena, and Jess... 

                                                                                  this one's for daddy :)



Annie said...

Oh goodness...*jealous* :)

Through the Sea Glass said...

LOVE the bike photo.

Kristine said...

Dad just looked at your post and liked the William Wallace pic! Too fun.

. me . said...

haha! awesome! i did that just for him. <3 :)