Today...we adventured to Carnforth. The closest town to school. We stopped at Tesco...the grocery store. It's kind of like a Red Apple. But someone compared it to Walmart. They haven't been to Wal-mart.

Then we went to the three story book store. I'm going to spend a whole saturday there sometime.

I really don't think you've been to a real cafe until you've visited the Edelweiss. I'll take pictures for ya sometime. The friendliest little man served us. He made me tea in a teapot and gave me a little cream pitcher to go with it, and a white mug on a saucer. And the three of us shared an deliciousness scone. When he asked how it was we told him good...of course. And he acted all surprised.


"Well did you make it?"

"Yes, of course I did!"

"Oh. It wasn't any good. Nope."

"Oh well good then!"

The red head in the picture is Kristin. She's from the US and has an big gorgeous smile. I didn't get any pictures of Carnforth yet, but will next time!


Through the Sea Glass said...

Ah. I am jealous! There you will be soo spoiled with coffee, it is like the hardest job to get cause it's like a career there. You will have to have some for me and let me know how it was! Your friend looks darling! Glad you are able to do this!

abigail said...

YUMMY!!! Love the pic. You're both beautiful. =)

Annie said...

What a dream experience for you...coffee, scones, AND a three-story bookstore? How will you ever be able to come back home again? :)

Lydia Lee said...

Someone compared Tesco to WALMART???! They obviously haven't been to Walmart ... ;)

Jennie said...

Get some of Tesco's re-useable grocery bags. I use the ones I got from Tesco in Scotland last year all the time!! Everytime I use them, I think of our stay in Scotland!! I love reading your blogs Kaish! My prayers are deep for you and your experiences during this time! God Bless you!!

Gma Judy said...

I am so glad you are loving England.You may never come home.

Kristine said...

The bookstore sounds fabulous! Ohhh ... I want to pop over for the afternoon and hang out with you!

Keziah said...

Hey Kaisha, seems like you are having a ton of fun in England, I am very happy for you. I started missing you the next day after you left for England. you are always in my prayers, and always will be. I miss you an awful lot and can't wait to see you. SO... are you getting use to stuff in England? that is very, very good. i am very glad to hear that. and i was also hopping you would. the pictures you post on your blog are very awesome. well... as i said before, i miss you. and again i am very glad you are having a wonderful time. may God bless and keep you safe.