Samaratan's House

Mei Mei (Tiffany, my sponsor baby) and Nui Nui (Margaret, Annie's sponsor baby) live together in Samaritan's House. Since we spent alot of time in that home, we naturally got to know (and get attached) to some of the precious kids there. Alot of these kids have particularly complicated or worse medical conditions.

Mr. Tristan ... He's constantly going and would be an adorable photography subject except it's impossible to get him to hold still!

On one afternoon visit to Samaratin's House we found all the kids in chairs scarfing huge pieces of cake ... the only way to pay due honor to your little friends with July birthdays right?

Annie and Luke...another heart baby.

Adrian is all silliness and funny faces, and Nui Nui the perfect princess.

Left to Right: Sharon, Luke, Tristan, Grace

Nui Nui and Adrian

Kaisha's amazing stuffies on head entertainment during potty time!
That's me with Grace on my lap, Mei Mei in the back and Luke.

Sweet Emily. I fell in love with her. She needs blood transfusions every couple weeks. She's a quiet girl that's content to sit on your lap and watch the action. Thankfully she is going home to her very own family very soon!

Ginger. A real China doll...with a little attitude. She clings to her Ayi (Nannie) and screams if you try to pick her up. She has had several surgeries on her heart.

The kids, ayis and visitors outside of the office playing in the morning sunshine.


Sharon said...

Ahh, I love all the cute pictures of the kids in Samaritan's House! I love the one with you entertaining during potty time! :) Also the one of everyone outside. It looks like Tristan was playing with the coffee mug from the other picture there. Too Funny! :)

Dani said...

Thank you for sharing more about your trip. The photos remind me of my time in Romanian orphanages. I am so grateful we have a God who cares for these little ones perfectly!

Kristine said...

Love the picture of the kids all lined up in their high chairs! Good post!

Historian Anne said...

What lovely photos. I enjoyed the black and whites and you look SO radient!

Mandy said...

These children are so beautiful.
Looking at them makes me so happy.