Shepherd*s Field...A Grand Tour

the office...the first thing you see as you come in the gate

the gorgeous grounds...there's always people working on lawns and hedges

everyone rides their bikes, scooters, and motorcycles to work

the five children's homes...all lined up

one of the bedrooms

a bathroom in one of the homes

a living room...cozy and full of kids

getting ready for lunch...we had to head back to the inn about this time

the nannies would hang baby clothes out on these racks to dry

the new school...finished except for furnishings


Peter Rust said...

Wow... looks more spacious than I expected

Sharon said...

I really enjoyed the grand tour! :) It looks like an amazing place!

Annie said...

As always, your pictures are so great! You really captured the big picture of PHF as well as all the fun details...from baby clothes hanging on the line to the rows of motorbikes in the shed!

Kristine said...

I still marvel at the great stewardship of money at PHF. Not a dime is wasted and they have beautiful, simple, always clean grounds to show for it. Part of the amazingness is when you step just outside the front gate. A totally different world than within the walls. A great testament to the amazing God they so quietly serve in a communist country! No wonder you want to go back and take a few friends along with you.