Mei Mei

I found these pictures and an update on Mei Mei on a site of someone who is in China right now. It said that she's more lethargic and obviously she's not doing so well. She didn't use oxygen when I visited this summer. Please pray for her.


Annie said...

Oh, Kaish, these pictures break my heart! I hope and pray that she hasn't taken a definite turn for the worse...I know God is in full and absolute control, but it is SO hard to see someone that we both love so much suffer so greatly.
Wish I could just give you a big hug right now...I'm aching for and with you right now, friend!

Abbie said...

Oh Kaish' ;(

I'll be praying for Mei Mei AND for you. Keep on keeping me posted. Love you.

Abby said...

Hi i have never posted here before but i thought this might help you. I dont have a sponsor child at the shepherds field but i have been given a list of the children there and have found people to pray for them. Mei Mei will have prayers from every one involved.

Kaisha said...

Thanks Annie, Abbie, and Abby... God's given her more life than she should have had and who knows...he may give her more! But in a way it would be incredible for her to home to Jesus...she's a beautiful girl on earth...imagine what she'd be like in heaven!