The First Day

Annie...my China traveling friend.

The first moments with our girls. Margaret (NuiNui) and Tiffany (MeiMei)

That morning we caught wind that our girls were playing outside of the office. We sort of bounced around for a while, waiting til we could go outside, took our temperatures (required before you play with the kids each day), and ran out there. Margaret came right out to us and wanted to be held. MeiMei was in a stroller. Somehow she caught my eye across the crowd of playing kids and ayis (nannies) and lifted her arms to be held. For some reason that moment really did seem like a miracle. *sigh*

Annie and Margaret

MeiMei and Me

Grandma and Clay...Clay and his wife Jewel run the inn and help guests find their way around.


Annie said...

That moment WAS a miracle! I just cannot even believe that we got to go half-way around the world and meet our precious little girls in person. What a tremendously amazing gift from God that was! I will never forget being able to share those special first moments with our girls with you.

Sharon said...

Wow, I never knew you would have to check your temperature everyday before playing with the kids. It makes sense though, I guess they don't want any sickness to spread to the kids.
So you are saying this was the first time seeing the girls, and they automatically wanted you to hold them like they knew who you were?

Historian Anne said...

Well come back to blogging!:) What a special token to have your girl immediately respond that way!

Kaisha said...

They were having us take our temperature as an extra precaution against the swine flu.

Oh...they didn't really know who we were...they just wanted attention from the visitors I think. But still...it was special.