You have to understand...I will do anything. ANYTHING. to avoid being tickled. It gives any enemies, siblings, friends, peoples-in-general, extreme and complete power. I will become your humble submissive slave in half a second if I'm threatened.

And...it didn't take Cody long to figure that out. Darn.

So yesterday, when he offered me an entire week tickle-free if I did something for him, I took the deal. No questions asked. The requirement...blog. Everyday this week. The issue is I generally only blog when monumental thoughts enter my miniature brain and happen to morph into explainable ideas which I then find time to write in words that someone other than my dear mother will understand. It's a long and complicated process...and generally doesn't happen every day. Tough life.

So...with that, I present you with Tuesday's amazing brain light bulb: uuum. hm. ok. well. It's sunny...and yesterday was rainy. Which probly means that a cow with antlers will land in a banana space ship and take over the world using optical illusions and peanut butter...

Just kidding. No need to avoid peanut butter today.

Actually...I was kind of thinking about my little sister. The biggest little one. Alissa. She's six years younger than me and alot different...than me.

And growing up I honestly didn't really like her that much. Partly cuz she was very much the annoying little sister. And partly because I was the too-mature-for-all-that-immaturity big sister.

But lately...I don't really know what happened. Every time I hang out with her I turn into this spastic weirdo. I think she has powers that make people that come in contact with her act 15 years younger than they are. ...which would explain my recent relapses into six year old behavior.

It's frightening, really, the random things that come out of my mouth and the contortions my face can perform under her spell. And then she'll laugh and point at me as if I'm a moron and need to get control of myself. Which I probably am and probably do. But it's way easier to blame it on her.

Pretty much she's become a best friend. I think, because life has thrown alot of nasty at us lately and we've both had to go through it, it's made a friendship that wasn't ever really there before.

And I'm glad. Because she's amazing. Yep...she casts her spell of immaturity over people, but she's deeper than that. I know she loves people...alot. She's a been a brick and babysat a whole stinking lot in the last year. (And I know from experience that babysitting your own little sisters is not exactly cake.) And she's still sane; except for the part of her that never was.

So...thanks Mr. NastyLife for giving me a sister...even though you took a whole lot of other stuff away. I sort of really appreciate that.


Anonymous said...

My little sis and I became the best of friends thanks to Mr. Nastylife and the result of my mom leaving my dad with us in tow and moving us to another town, another state-a whole other life and moved a stranger in who she didn't marry until a year later. I'm so glad I have her. We're as different as we can possibly be. REally, truly different. And yet, exactly the same where it matters. And though God has moved her far away, I can't imagine doing life without her. I'm SO GLAD for you that you have a little sister, too. Sisters rock.

Just One Thing More said...

Haha! You had me totally laughing!! You guys are pretty awesome. I should go make a post on the same said subject. Alissa is amazing. I've experienced the same things with her. My *almost* 15 year old becoming a friend. She pretty much rocks. And so do you.

Oh, and three cheers for Cody, bribing you into blogging. He's the best.

Annie said...

I am SO with you on the tickle-me-or-die thing! Although, in this case, I have to say I like the terms of Cody's threat. We get to hear from you everyday for a whole week? Sa-weet!!!