Yep...I know...I know. I didn't blog yesterday. Failure extraordinaire. But I had good reason...my mind was full of this: 

Super cool. So much fun memorizing all that on the day of a test. You have no idea...

I was also definitely NOT thinking about this: 

  ...or this:

 ...or all this:

Yep I was there. And I knew all those people. And loved them a whole stinking lot. That's Ridge Burns...one of our lecturers at Capernwray. He was the only American lecturer we had...and he wears Vans shoes. Only ever red Vans. He even has a deal with the company and orders a dozen at a time. 

(And this counts for yesterday's post...by the Way...have to keep these things straight.)

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Just One Thing More said...

That is soooo incredibly beautiful! I can see why you miss it so much. Sara is there. *jealous?*

And life is too short not to live in small quirky ways like wearing red Vans your whole life. You should ask Alissa how she gets out of bed every morning. She just told me and ... wow. It is so her.