a double dozen plus one things about me…
(not because you really care but because someone tagged me on facebook and it makes an easy blog post)

How many people can say they've climbed the great wall with their mom and their grandma?

.1. I believe that nuts in ice cream is wrong

.2. I have a red and black plaid coat that I saved from my dad’s coats-to-get-rid-of pile. It’s my favorite     thing. I even wear it to bed. I would wear it downtown but looking like a hillbilly isn’t my thing.

.3. A hood can make anything cute

.4. Peanut butter is gross. Celery is gross. Peanut butter and celery is good.

.5. I’d choose pie over cake every time

.6. I don’t know how to wear jewelry

.7. Peppermint is strictly a Christmas flavor (but sometimes I’m bad and put it in my coffee anyways)

.8. You can fit anything and everything into my messenger bag

.9. I don’t own any dresses. It makes me sad.

.10. I cried when Edgar died in 24

.11. Subway is my best friend

.12. I want to write just one really good story

.13. Fairhaven is the best place in the world to read a book…besides my branch in the crow’s nest tree at 
our old house.

.14. I wish eggnog didn’t make me sick

.15. I’ve been known as the “bow girl”…cuz apparently I tie good bows

.16. I wanted my parents to name my little sister “Rosehill.” Don’t even ask. I don’t know.

.17. Someday I’m going to have a daughter and I’m going to name her MeiMei

.18. I almost never wear anything but converse

.19. Orange is a good color

.20. I’ve never been able to figure out eye-liner

.21. I love my work apron

.22. I really don’t mind when people can’t figure my name out

.23. I’ve always wanted a nickname and never really had a real one

.24. I always come back…please tell Ania that because she doesn’t seem to believe me

.25. I miss Chinese donuts


Sharon said...

I love it! :) Mei Mei what a great choice for a name! And to be honest I still haven't figured out how to actually say your name, haha.

Abbie said...

You DO have a nickname: Squash! I love it!

Great list. I think I just might do this too. =)

Amanda said...


So do you just put random facts about you on the blog?

Wimsy Mei said...

Oooooh gosh. sorry Amanda! that was a way hugely retarded fail! AAAAHHHH! you probly hate me now. :(

And no...i don't put random facts about myself on my blog...i was tagged in a facebook note where you're sposed to do it. And I'm like hey...a blog post. Copy and paste. Tadaaa! Makes people like you that bug me about blogging happy. :)

Hehe! You say it Kay-sha :) It's a funny one! I've been called all sorts of things though. haha! :)

Well you are right Abbie...squash. But see it never like completely replaces my name altogether. So it's close, but not quite. :)

Britty Mac said...

Those are great! It was fun reading them!:)

Kristine said...

Ah, gosh. I didn't know you were going to name my granddaughter Mei-Mei. Can I call her Tiffy sometimes? Love you.

Annie said...

A Half-dozen Plus 1 Random Things from Me to You:
.1. I'm a pie eater too. Me thinks you need recipe for my favorite "Crumb-top cherry pie"...
.2. I don't know how to wear jewelry either
.3. I don't own ENOUGH dresses. We should go shopping.
.4. Your "Mei Mei" and my "Margaret" are going to be besties. I can tell.
.5. Your nickname should be "funnest friend on the planet"
.6. I miss Chinese donuts too. *sadness*. When are we going back?
.7. I love you.

Historian Anne said...

Love the list!

Brenda said...

Careful about naming children. Seriously, Rosehill? I remember you used to call Collin "My Little Bogaze" or just "Bogaze". And what was the name of that doll... Kaleelah? Emphasis on the "lee". God is so smart how he made it that the Dad gets to help with the naming of children! :)

Wimsy Mei said...

Aunt Brenda:
Who said that dad gets to name the kids?

Yep...Little Bogaze.
THe doll was Kalila.
The bear was Liddy.
When we would play orphans I was always Patience.

Annie: I love your comment! We should totally go dress shopping! Love you too! Miss you!