You ever watch a movie and think…I wish life could be just like that? You see the little charming things in the character’s lives and wonder why you and your life aren’t that way.

Well it is. Just look around.

I could be in a movie right now.

I’m sitting at the counter on a high bar stool. I’m wearing jeans, gray converse, and a plaid red jacket that used to be my dad’s. My hair is down and wavy in some spots from the braid it was in. Typing on my computer. Eating an unpeeled carrot. Homework book opened in front of me. Daffodils stand in a bowl to the right. They’re not looking as hot as they were a couple days ago. Backpack, keys, apron, and cell are spread out on the counter. Music plays from my laptop. It’s like a soundtrack to my life. I can see out the dining room window. It’s dark except for the city lights. I’m supposed to be doing homework. But my mind wanders. 

See? I could be in a movie. I’d make an interesting character with my oversized coat and weird snack. Who knows what has been happening in the plot to make this moment interesting. There’s a bigger story.  I can’t help wonder what it is.


Sharon said...

Great thoughts! Yes thankfully there is a bigger picture, we just aren't able to see it, but we know who holds the future in His hands!

Annie said...

You were made to be a best-selling authoress! :) Maybe the next Great American Novel will have the plaid-shirted, converse-wearing girl in the lead role!

Kristine said...

Could you please make my life sound so exciting? Pretty please? I'll pay you (when we sell the house!)

Through the Sea Glass said...

Um, I would buy that novel. You are amazing, so talented at writing and putting your thoughts on paper. Love reading all your posts. You are one well-rounded talented sweet person. And ya know what? I like you! :) Love from Maui's bluest ocean and waving palms.