Because Having a Brain Isn't Fun

Really...what fun would having a brain really be? All that would result in is loneliness from being the only reasonable person around, which would make it tempting to forget your brain and do something stupid. But...your brain is there, and it tells you that it's just not a good idea to be stupid. So. Loneliness would still prevail, which would make stuck-upness a necessity to keep from becoming insane from boredom.

It's ok...I know none of you followed that...

There's no way anyone can go through life and not do something completely stupid and miserable just for the heck of it.

Two years in a row...i have done it. The first year was just jumping off the dock and climbing back out. Not so bad.

This year the tradition continued.

New Years Day. A friend's neighbor's pond. Covered in ice. We all watched for ten minutes while the ice was broken. A whole fat inch of it. Then...we swam across...one at a time.

Have you ever really thought you were going to die? I have.

About half way across (by the way, you can't touch the bottom) my body started slowing way down. My legs weren't really moving. My breathing almost stopped. And my brain started fuzzing.

Not good. I ran up against a big chunk of ice in my way and was completely lost on how to get around it. My brain was that out of it.

But it was fun. Now that it's all over, it was fun. And I'll probably do it again next year.

Why? No idea.

But why stand on the edge and watch everyone else?


Brenda said...

You have a sick idea of fun! BRRRRRRR!

Wimsy Mei said...

haha! and see...now you just wish you could be cool and have fun like that...so you're being stuck up about it. proves my point! lol! :) jk!

Annie said...

You are SO crazy. I'll keep my brain and find fun in a less life-threatening fashion, thank you! :)

Bob said...

I followed the part that no one was supposed to follow...cuz I think we are in the same camp :P

Yeah. You guys are crazy. I dont think I'm gonna be able to do that next year. But I have a feeling I will be forced to...haha

Amanda said...

I would love to do that sometime. But I would have to do it with you guys. cause you are like the best people to do anything with!

Wimsy Mei said...

Amanda & Bob: Ya...if you all are around you're just gonna have to...there's no option.

Abbie said...

I TOTALLY love how you told this story. You captured the morning and our stupidity brilliantly!!!

And btw, I TOTALLY followed the first paragraph. And I'm with you.

Polar Bear Plunge 2011, HERE WE COME!!!! =)

Through the Sea Glass said...

Oh My Goodness! I don't know if I like the feeling like dying part but I agree with Abbie - Well written! You guys are crazy - If we are ever home again for new years I will come as your photographer with hot cocoa for you all!