For the Kids

The other day I took a jaunt to the mall and shopped baby clothes for the kids at PHF. Found a great sale and bought a bunch of adorable little summer tops for girls and a few t-shirts for the boys. My mom also bought some much needed formula. Thanks to everyone who donated baby shampoo, formula, clothes, and other supplies for the kiddos! They will be appreciated!


Sharon said...

Aww I wish I would have known, I would have donated something, but I guess it is too late now! I hope they enjoy the gifts!

Annie said...

Yes...a huge thank-you to all our generous donors! Your gifts are much appreciated and will be a huge blessing to the kids!

Historian Anne said...

What a wonderful ministry girls! May the Lord bless these efforts for His glory in the lives of those you see.

Anonymous said...

tag your it!

Abbie said...

Okay, friend...it's HIGH TIME for a new post!! Because your amazing friend fixed your amazingly broken computer, you now have no legitimate excuse. Put your book down and write something so I know you're out there!!!