When I should be doing homework

I really should be doing homework right now but instead I'm fiddling, procrastinating, dawdling, ignoring those beautiful school books sitting next to me on my bed. Funny how God can use my "useless fiddling" to encourage me and teach me something about Himself. In my procrastination I meandered onto You Tube and looked up the song "By Your Side" by Tenth Avenue North. One of my favorites. Hadn't heard it in a while so while it buffered I opened a new tab and out of curiosity found the band's website and clicked around for a little. Pretty soon I was completely glued to my computer screen, reading a blog post by the lead singer. I don't know if anyone could have said anything more perfect to me right now than this:
All this world is fading away anyway right?
Then take heart.
This life is not about succeeding.
It’s not about changing the world.
It’s not about living with purpose, or leaving a legacy
or making the maximum impact with your life.
It’s actually not even about living your life for God.
Did you hear me?
Don’t live your life for God.
Live your life because God.

Because He has loved us, redeemed us, and because He is all that our hearts are longing for.

It’s no longer about what you do with your life at all, because He is your life.
May He do whatever it takes to open our eyes to see that.
He is the means and He is the end.
And everything in between is from his hand.
It can be terrifying at times, I know, but its worth it.
Believe me, and I guess more importantly believe Him.
It’s worth it.


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That is deep. Thank you for fiddling dear!