Last Day

Friday was my last day working as secretary for the church. The entire day was sort of at odds with itself. On one hand it was my last day: Pastor Steve bought me a yummy caramel thing from Starbucks (my love language...thanks Pastor Steve!), the three pastors and the other church staff took me out to Thai for lunch (I ate with chopsticks to practice for going to China and Pastor Dax made me try Thai iced tea...totally one of the best things I've ever had!), and I tried to wrap a couple things up so that the next secretary won't find a mess. But at the same time I still folded the bulletins, stuffed the outlines, cleaned the sanctuary, checked a million little jobs off my list, and bugged the pastors with various questions. A very normal but very momentous day all at the same time! And I think a visit to the office soon is pretty much inevitable.


Stormgirl said...

Awwww... sad and exciting at the same time. What a wonderful experience it was for you to work there. I am sure they will all miss you.

Corina said...

That must be sad to leave :( I bet it was such a blessing to work there!