Brownie the Bear

Here is a true guest post...by my 6 year old sister Mia. Complete with original spelling and punctuation!
This is no ordinary bear this is a really the best bear in the world. He lives in the circus. The most ferocious bear in the whole world exclaimed the manager. This is the meanest bear in the world. Hmm... Kay-eye- ess - ess - eye- en- gee. Pop you silly we only have pop I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shouted one voice to two voices I know it said the manager of the circus. I knew they would do that said sleepy little Pinky from the stork that Hannah got Pinky from. The storks bag and the stork ' s name was: Willie The Hairy One! Because Willie was hairy! He loves other generations of the little kids he takes to the elephants. I love them he would say. I like the things that little kids like he used to say! Aw! Bitty little Willie The Hairy One the other storks said. I don ’t like you guys you are the most hideous things ever saw! You Willie are so weird the other storks said. I don 't think you are so good Kristine either said Willie. And so on the fight would go on. THIS IS MY CIRCUS!!!! Yelled the circus manager . I love that to high heaven! Said one kid named Richard Bows. This Brownie The Bear is so powerful it can hurt any guy that goes past it. I DON ' T CARE ABOUT YOU!!!!!! said voice. It was the manager of the circus again... I think your ' e ridiculous you should have water bottles filled with water!!!! Said another voice. Huh said the crowd the little families. I should have the circus going to there cars by now I kno it but the circus went on by and by the circus ended and the famillys loved the funny talk about the water the most. The most fantastic was Brownie & Willie!!


Annie said...

That is TOO funny!
Hugs to Mia...you are incredible! :)

Kristine said...

She has stories inside of her that are just bursting to come out!

Amanda said...

WOW! I love it. GO Mia!