I have this oddness...I'm deathly scared of cheesy romantic cliche anything. I just steer clear of it altogether...a little too much. More like alot too much. Which results in in me failing at ever saying nice things about people because I'm far too afraid that it's going to sound lame and just cliche. 

Which is why I haven't blogged about Cody. (See...I'm already weirding myself out.) But per request of a best friend who hasn't met him yet, it's about time. 

The awkward thing right now is that he's sitting right across from me. We're in this coffee shop...the one I always blog at because it's got yellow walls...and I'm writing and reading, and he's drawing. He's pretty darn talented that way. Like...art and music mostly. He plays bass. It's kinda hot. And ukelele. Once he even learned a cheesy love song and sang it to me. It made me laugh and he was embarrassed but I liked it alot. 
He does alot of things like that. Things that girls always kind of dream of their man doing for them but actually never expect to find a guy that will. He's written me poems. Sung songs for me. Taken my little sisters for ice cream. Sent me letters by post. Left coffee on my doorstep in the morning. And I have always had at least one vase of flowers in my room. It's a rule for me to tell him before they die so he can buy me more before I toss um. 

I can't ever keep a secret from him. Not cuz I'm a good enough person not to try, but because he knows something's wrong without even looking at me. 
He's probly...ya...even when I think about all the humble people I know...he's probly the most humble. I've seen it alot of times. And it really impresses me. Because I'm not.

He wants to go to seminary and do foreign missions and be a pastor and adopt kids. And he's gonna be really good at it. Like...really good. He's got strong convictions, but he's humble enough to listen to someone else's and change what he believes if he's wrong. And he loves people and always wishes he had more time to invest in everyone. And he is in love with Jesus and the gospel and always comes back to them in the end. 
Anyways...he's pretty much dumping amazingness all over the place...and I'm stinking lucky to be his girlfriend. And now you all know...which is good...cuz you should. But I'm embarrassing myself out and I think he wants to go now. Plus I'm hungry. 


Annie said...

So how 'bout I fill my comment with cheesy cliches and weird you out even more??? :)

You're a match made in Heaven. He's your other half. You have stars dancing in your eyes. You two are stinkin' cute. You're two peas in a pod. And on and on....'cuz it's true!

So happy that you found a special guy to treat you like the princess you are! Happy hugs to you! <3

Brenda said...

There's nothing embarrassing about hanging out with someone who brings out the best to you and treats you with kindness.

Brenda said...

Oh now, THIS is embarrassing. A typo on my comment. Heavens.

Brings out the best IN you.


Britty Mac said...

Cody sounds like such a great guy!! From what I've seen and heard of him, you two are a great match! And there's nothing to be embarrassed about that!

mandy roselyn said...

i loved this.:)

Hannah said...

:) I love this! YAY! This ROCKS! Thanks for doing this for me! :)