Today... I'm wearing cut-off jean shorts.

My favorite scarves are hanging on the wall and I'm realizing that I really missed them during the summer. Yay for fall! 

Cody took me shopping for under water plants for my beta fish's tank. Her name is Lucinda.

I'm confused because my Enter button works only half the time.

I made dinner to take to work. I'm so prepared. It's amazing.

There was this super ugly amazing vintage clock/radio at Value Village last night. It's making me happy even though it says it's 10:50. Which it's not.

And that's all. Pretty much the story of my life right now...besides all the other stuff I guess.

Like...besides being three weeks away from starting school...and besides finding out that I get full financial aid...and besides my dad getting a job...and besides moving...and besides a best friend getting married...and besides working an amazing new job...and besides Cody because he's just always that amazing...and besides God doing all this stuff for me and loving me always.........ya. That's about all. Not quite as exciting as ugly second hand clocks...but you know...


Annie said...

So excited for all those bits of sunshine and things to look forward to in your life right now...especially the little happy things like a vintage clock (which you must post a picture of)!

Kelsey said...

Full financial aid!! So you do get to do school afterall! Dentistry is awesome...can't wait to hear what your experiences are with it :)

Cindy P said...

so glad for the good things..... so happy that once in a while- there are a few fragrant breathes amidst the stench of - well,the other stuff...:)

i really want to see a picture of that clock!

Britty Mac said...

Yay for normal-every-day happy spots! I LOVE your writing style! It's always so fun to read! :) So glad you get full financial aid! That is so exciting! :D What's the new job?