I just realized that every time I come to this coffee shop...I blog. Apparently orange and yellow walls and coffee is good for whichever piece of my brain is the piece that writes. 

This is a good day. Partly because I bought conditioner...which I was out of. Partly because I'm wearing three different colors for no reason except I felt like it and because my hair is having a good attitude. And partly because a guy walked by a few minutes ago with multi-colored clown type pants on. It must be a good day for him too. Also I was making a list with one of those fine-tipped Sharpies. Fine-tipped Sharpies always inspire me to good handwriting and excellent list-making. (So do sharp pencils.)

Oh...and also I get to see Nicole tonight. You'd think since she's my roommate and one of my bests I would actually see her all the time. But not. I come home at night...she's in bed. She gets up in the morning...I'm in bed. I will be home almost all day, and then leave for something in the evening. She'll stop by home after I leave to pick something up. So pretty much we only see each other for passing moments as we sleep. Which in my book, doesn't really count.

Yesterday I had a violin lesson from Cody's sister, Carissa. She's an expert teacher. I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It sounds horrible, but considering I can only play piano...I was pretty proud of myself. I could probly play better if I didn't laugh at myself the entire time. It makes the violin screech when you laugh. 

Tomorrow is Mia's birthday. She's gonna be nine. I'm pretty sure I was nine for like five years. Maybe she'll stay nine for five years too. That would be nice. I don't think growing up should be allowed. 

Alissa had a photography class so these are from a day we went to parks and took pictures together...


Annie said...

Fine tipped sharpies rock. Colored Fine tipped sharpies rock even more. :)

Brenda said...

I love watching kids grow up. Each stage is more fun than the last! Let's not hold Mia to 9 for too long because she'll miss the fun of 10, 11, 12... :)

l said...

I just discovered your lovely blog and love it! So trivial and yet so insightful...love the post today too!