This week I had a three year old laugh at me when I told her that God is my friend. Right. She laughed.

Her name's Margaret, she's three, and I'm her nanny. We color with the fairy dog, build forts, run from monsters, discuss what it means to be a big girl, have chicken parties, pretend to be mermaids, eat noodles, and do pretty much everything else together. The one thing we haven't talked about is God. I don't know if her parents would be very happy with me if I tried to indoctrinate the child. But I did bring it up the other day on our way home from preschool.

We were commenting on the wind and rain. And I asked her if she thought someone made it windy and rainy or if it just did that by itself.

"I think...someone makes it that way."

"Well whoever makes it this windy must be pretty big because this is a pretty big wind."

"It's probly blowing the wind really strongly with big breaths" (Here we have a demonstration on how to make wind by blowing.)

"Do you think God makes it windy and rainy?"


"God. Do you think God does it?"

"What did you say? Did you say God?"


"How do you know Him?" (She sounded completely unbelieving that I could know God.)

"Uh...He's kind of like my friend."

*giggles* "God's not your friend!"

"Ya He is! He's like my friend and my daddy..." (How do you explain it in short to a three year old?)

"Well He lives way up in the sky."

"Ya but he also lives in my heart."

"I have a song about that...."

And here she started singing some song about family being in your heart or something.

So ya. I got laughed at by a three year old for saying that God is my friend. And she probably won't ever remember that conversation. But I will...And maybe somehow it'll put something in her heart that will bring her to Jesus later.

Here I was going to post a cell phone picture of Margaret and I, but my phone has lost itself.

So instead you get this extremely attractive picture of Me, Allie, and Wiebke on a late night in the castle. Actually...I'm leaving Starbucks in like two minutes to go to Canada to visit Allie. Oh happy days!


Annie said...

Oh, Margaret... :)
I love how you just incorporated talking about God with her in an everyday, ordinary conversation. I hope you will have many more opportunities to share your faith with her and that God will plant what she hears from you deep in her heart and bear fruit from it!

You sound like the totally best-est nanny ev-ah!

Grandma M said...

perfect example how one doesn't need to go to the ends of the earth for an opportunity to be evangelistic. it's all right here almost in the palm of your hand. Was to go Kaish

Grandma M said...

oops... Way tooooo goooo Kaish!! wish i would pay attention to the edit option

Kristine said...

Ha! Cute story! And, Margaret seems really smart ... so, I'm kindof betting that she told her dad all about your conversation later that night. :o) That's awesome.