life goes on.

 this old friend of mine...


got to stand next to her and watch.

 these bests to laugh and keep the hurt from taking over. 

 family vacation...minus the little girls. maui. sun. bikini tan. sand in your shorts. tangled hair. bubba gumps. new yellow toms shoes.
 chris n kat to hang with, live with, play wii with, snorkel with

 larabee with capernwray friends...Jess, Bailey, & Dave from Scotland...and Jess's friend Katie

 her first heaven birthday. i still miss her.


Britty Mac said...

Fun pictures! You were beautiful at the wedding! (Of course, you're always beautiful!) Hugs to you, Friend!

Annie said...

oooh...that last picture makes me cry...

So thankful that God in His grace mixes little happinesses into our big sadnesses to remind us that He is ALWAYS perfectly sovereign, perfectly good, and perfectly in control. Praying you have a sweet and merry Christmas, friend. <3