A girl at work last week told me that Ania and I look alike. It confused me. I was like...'but she's Korean.' And she said, 'yeah I know. But she's still just like a little miniature Kaisha."

And that made my small world.

Ania is...um...just very Ania. She's extreme. She's SUPER happy when she's happy and SUPER sad when she's sad. And any opinions she has are EXTREMELY strong opinions. Her hair is kind of representative of her personality...it's big and thick and boofy and doesn't ever do anything calmly.

Anytime I see her she screams 'Teesha' so that the whole world can hear and comes running to give me a hug. And her hugs only get better.

She can be difficult...a handful...frustrating. To say the least.

But I think she's gonna turn into a best friend...even if there is a 15 year age difference.


Annie said...

I think you and Ani are two of the cutest things in the whole wide world! :)

Kristine said...

That is darling. That you and Ania look alike. I love it.

Britty Mac said...

You are both adorable!! :)