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i told my mom earlier that i would blog. so...i thought i'd share my desktop background with ya'll. these peoples are my interactive group. i mean they were. while school was happening. and you know...who says they can't still be my interactive group?

interactive groups are made up of the people that live in your area. so some are basically my neighbors. we had to get together once a week on mondays. we each had to have a turn "leading" the conversation. we had an awesome time playing games...apples to apples, two truths n a lie... and talking about ourselves, our lives, our struggles, and nothing in particular. we were really good at getting off topic. everyone was open and we had alot of laughs.

the last day we all brought food. piled it on two desks and ate. haha! it was epic.

so...three cheers for some of my favorite people!


Lydia Lee said...

DIGESTIVES!!!! OH how I love digestive cookies. :]

Annie said...

So cool that you have a big group of new friends who live (relatively) close to you! Hope you're able to get together with them again in the States!

Can't wait for my Kaishy friend to come home!! :) <3

Britty Mac said...

Fun!! That's so neat that there were quite a few from your area!

Kristine said...

But where's Bailey? Doesn't she live near to you? Or was she banished for some obscure reason? Poor Bailey.

. me . said...

haha! there were so many people from our area we had to have TWO interactive groups. gosh. so she was in the other one. ;)