Philosophising Biker Dude

My dad. A lot of words could be used to describe my dad. It's hard to condense him into a paragraph. But...seeing as it's better to try than to not do it at all, here goes!

Most importantly of course, he's handsome. That should be obvious by the picture I'm posting. He just got some geeky, adorable glasses that look really cute on him. Daddy basically eats philosophy. He reads books like Augustine's Confessions, and thinks about deep theological stuff all the time. I love asking him theology questions. He usually has a clear, in-depth answer for me because he's already spent hours thinking about it.

He also loves to bike. Mountain and road biking. In September he did a 24 mile hill climb. It didn't look fun. Biking to work in the summer, and going on his favorite bike trails with Collin are favorite ways of getting his biking fix.

Daddy also enjoys chopping and stacking wood, pouring half 'n half over his cold cereal in the mornings, eating ginormous bowls of ice cream, working on his motorcycle, dreaming of fixing up castles in Scotland, and giving new visitors to our home the "Grand Tour."


Shelby said...

Oh that is such a cute and good description of your dad. He is totally awesome!!! :P

Abbie said...

Mr. Thomas R-O-C-K-S!!!

Tell him "Abbs" says so. ;)

Corina said...

ooo, I want to get the "grand tour" some day!

my brother and dad used to do a lot of mountain biking too! Those guys should chat.

Kaisha said...

I love your picture Corina! So cute!

Kristine said...

It's fun to watch you and Daddy teasing each other and joking around. He's so great. Practically perfect. Just the kind of guy I would want to marry!!

Brenda said...

He was the perfect brother to grow up with, laughing at all my dumb jokes!