Twelve years old and full of life...twelve year old life. Growing up can be awkward when you're still only a kid. Her days are full of silly faces and voices with equally silly friends, playing in the dirt outside, and trying to make others laugh, combined with church choir, algebra 1/2, shopping, coffee dates, and volleyball with the older kids! Lissy makes friends easily, and as long as goofiness is allowed, is fun to have around. She purposely annoys me and thinks it's funny as any good little sister would, but is also one of the most forgiving people I know. She hopes to begin volunteering at the library soon, enjoys book club, adores her Webkinz stuffed animals, loves IMing with her friend in Montana, and playing in the woods with her friend over here.

I'm in the process of applying for a second job right now. Alissa was looking over my resume one day and noticed my funny, very unprofessional e-mail address on the top. She said something along the lines of, "That looks pretty funny on here!"

"Yeah, I know. I should have made a separate boring one like kaishathomas@somewhere.com or something like that."

"Yeah. You should have made one called all.work.no.play@somewhere.com!"

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Kristine said...

I love that picture of Alissa. It really captures her laughter. If I remember right it was taken during a volleyball game, right after she tried to save a ball from going off the wrong direction. And as is usually the case with those kinds of attempts, it went off in the wrong direction. She has a great sense of humor!